Class description

Class descriptions

Mellow Mondays

Working low to the ground with deeper connections both emotionally and and Physiologically

Body work as Physical healing with a reclaiming of more mute parts of ourselves

Level 1

Gentle, Introspective

Work-shopping of poses and breath work

Finding deep inner connections to make poses easier

Level 2/3

Playing with Asana as a way to come within

Flowing through Vinyasa flow to other poses

Work-shopping Challenging poses in an emotionally safe environment

Level Mixed

Fun and sometimes lively

A mixed practice with modifications for mixed levels

Lyndsay Teaches her classes from her private    

         intimate studio on Salt Spring island BC

                                            Phone: 250-538-0177

Make arrangements for Private classes:

$60.00 1 hour for one person

$80.00 1 hour for two people


Studio classes:

$15.00 drop in

$80.00 6 class pass


prices include HST   (prices subject to change)