The 7 Principles of Vijnana Yoga

*Quiet mind – starting with a quiet mind through your Yoga practice to cultivate calm

*Relaxed Body – after quieting the mind the body can start to relax, beginning the practice from this de-stressed place

*Intent – Direct the mind to the practice with concentration and focus, complete presence 

*Rooting – Connect deeply to the earth by allowing weight downward, conscious leaning and letting down

*Connecting – finding the opposing directions in the body…. moving out from the centre and in from the periphery of the body; also through the anatomy trains of connections through the body

*Expanding – Imagining an expansion in all directions where every joint is supported, filling the internal with space

*Breathing – Consciously inhaling and expanding and exhaling and contracting – filling each pose with breath to support Triputy, Mind-Body connection with breath