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It was during her first formal Yoga class as an adult, that Lyndsay Savage-Lamb knew she would teach Yoga.

“My daughter was newly born and the feeling of contentment in the class was like the feeling of love for my baby, solid and unwavering” she describes.

While she had some degree of flexibility, she had very little strength at the time and often had trouble sustaining the poses.  As her practice grew, she learned to love the technical details of the breath work and the postures – the new awareness  connecting mind to body. From this connection, she notes that there was something else created, likened to musical notes harmonizing to create a third sound in the space and a sound between notes.

Lyndsays’s experience with Yoga actually started much earlier, beginning in the early 1970’s watching regular televisions shows with Kareen Zerboff. Yoga, being discovered in the west was an increasing focus of conversation among her mother’s friends, leading to her mother’s yoga practice.  Intrigued initially by the concept of adults sitting on the floor, she was soon struck with the intense inward concentration on her mother’s face.

Her first yoga classes were during a summer program after the fourth grade.  Taught by “a man with a long beard, who wore a long white  sheath tunic over loose pants”, he led the children through yoga poses that they could all accomplish using their sleeping bags as yoga mats in the dingy and musty old community hall.

Lyndsay’s  approach to teaching comes from those classes. A central concept is of Yoga being an evolving process that can be fun and creative.

“For our last class we were to have created one unique Yoga pose to share with the group. Back then, people seemed to practice the lion pose with frequency, so it gave me the idea to extend my tongue to reach the pointy tip of each elbow. Not a glamorous pose to be sure but fun at the time. I am grateful for this seemingly nameless teacher, for what he brought to my life with Yoga.”

Lyndsay further explains:

“People often wonder what else is there to learn if you know the main poses or asanas. The common idea is that Yoga is a series of shapes to be learned and then you are done. My experience is more that Yoga is like the  Mandelbrot set, a mathematically formulated shape that if you go deeper into the image, you can continue for infinity and the patterns repeat inwardly, and outwardly infinitely as well. You go deeper in to your self with Yoga and discover infinite space,(on a “good “ day) and likewise, outwardly infinitely.”


My teachers:

200 Hour Registered Yoga Alliance  teacher’s training with The Salt Spring Centre of Yoga

800 Hour Vijnana International teacher’s training with Orit Sen-Gupta and Gioia Irwin,

500 Hour Registered Yoga Alliance with Cathy Valentine

200 Hour Yoga Synergy with Simon Borg Olivier

First level Gentle Somatic Yoga with James Knight


I am Extremely Grateful to my Yoga teachers:

In order of their teaching:

Leslie Young

Celeste Mallett

Baba Hari Das (Saltspring Centre)

Cathy Valentine

Gioia Irwin

Orit Sen-Gupta


“Intimate, that is how I describe Lyndsay’s level 1 Yoga class. From her lovely little studio to the way she manages to meet the needs of her students. I have been in her class for two years and look forward to many years of Yoga with this very talented and highly skilled instructor.”

Sharon Bywater
Saltspring Island BC

” The opportunity to spend a weekend training with Lyndsay has opened up infinite possibilities and the profound depth of the creative force of this path. Her integrative and open delivery transmits the wisdom of several high level teachers and the impact of her teaching is transformation on all levels. She is an artist expressing the teachings with precision, beauty and clarity that has profound healing and restorative effects on the body, mind and spirit. Lyndsay’s ability to deliver timeless teachings with intentionality and gentle guidance is a tremendous gift to experience for those interested in progressing on the yogic path.’

                                                                                                             Kevin Matthews RMT,RYT

                                                                                                             Vancouver Island BC

  CP (Lyndsay Savage) is a fantastic instructor with her ability to blend knowledge, patience, and humour in her teaching style.  She teaches body awareness and alignment at a level that allows the participant to explore new depths in their practice.  Having  practiced asana with varying styles for over a decade, I continue to be amazed by what I learn from CP’s instruction.  She has transformed my practice and I am honoured to have her as one of my “heart” teachers.  I grow from her instruction and am incredibly blessed by her mentorship.  Simply put – she is outstanding.


                                                                                                                  Smithers BC