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Letter from Orit

A year began, and time like a tireless spirit drives us on. Each day we sit on our meditation cushion, stand on our yoga mat, observe the consciousness and its ways, the body and its feelings. What is the mood we seek to nurture, and in what way should we work with the body? This […]

Yoga and Food

Mitahara, is the concept of respecting our food and diet for spiritual growth and is an integral component of healthy living. Concepts around eating and diet are diverse in our Western world. It seems that everyday there are new ideas of what to eat and what not to eat. We have lost the ability to […]

Yoga and Depression

Depression is a subject often avoided. Our culture prefers to pretend it does not exist or to avoid conversations around mental struggles, and we are seldom comfortable admitting our own challenges. The truth is that the majority of people will have temporary depression at one time in their lives, and one in four people will […]

Generating Positive Habits

We often aren’t aware that a large component of our thoughts and actions are more habitual than intuitive. I define habits as anything you have done or thought for so long that they have now become commonplace. These may consist of habits that supports our ideals or one that doesn’t. Often problems arise with habits […]

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