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Intimate message from Lyndsay

I have loved practicing Yoga from a young age and cultivated a curiosity for the practice early on. One thing I am passionate about with Yoga is sharing the practice in diverse ways! Over time, the constant about Yoga has been that to work diversely is to connect with the distinct parts that make up […]

Savage Lamb Philosophy

Yoga was traditionally passed down from Guru to Student in ancient times in India. There were few students at a time, and maybe only one per teacher. This relationship was intense as the Guru was to be trusted and honored at all times and through all decisions to help you on your inner spiritual path. […]

A Short History of Yoga

Yoga is a culmination of spiritual and physical systems practiced by and evolved from Buddhists, Jains, and Hindus. They intertwined and supported the evolution of this practice. During the 6th century BC, Buddha lived and delivered his teachings into India. The interpretation of Buddhism emphasized  meditation and  ethics. Some took this philosophy to an orthodox […]

Savage Lamb Studio

SAVAGE lamb Studio is situated on Salt Spring island BC. It is an intimate studio located at the end of a private cul-de-sac. The class sizes can expand to 10 students per class as an intimate experience. One can expect to practice “Just Sitting” (Meditation), breath practices (Pranayama), warm ups leading to appropriate postures (Asanas) […]

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