Savage Lamb Studio

SAVAGE lamb Studio is situated on Salt Spring island BC. It is an intimate studio located at the end of a private cul-de-sac.

The class sizes can expand to 10 students per class as an intimate experience.

One can expect to practice “Just Sitting” (Meditation), breath practices (Pranayama), warm ups leading to appropriate postures (Asanas) for the specific class level.

The focus is on Triputi, bringing mind, body and breath as one. This union helps connect with our own wisdom (Vijnana), through Hatha Yoga.

Lyndsay practices and teaches Vijnana Yoga, whereby infusing the connection to self and cognizance to learn and grow through Yoga. The 7 principles of Vijnana Yoga are explored, uniquely examined and integrated in each class.

The 7 Principles of Vijnana Yoga:

  • • Relaxed Body
  • • Quiet mind
  • • Breath
  • • Intent
  • • Rooting
  • • Connecting
  • • Expanding

The Central point in all of Lyndsay’s Classes is to pay attention to self, to stay in the kind side of pain and to mind-fully support physical and mental wellness; all this while moving with least effort to connect with the body.

Please email for more information! 

If there isn’t a “level” that best suits your needs, phone to arrange private classes. This is a great place to assess your personal requirements and to create your own personal practice.

These classes give you one on one support and feedback designed for ones unique needs.