Online Subscription Classes:

Visit the Home page to register for my Online Subscription Classes. After registering and paying through eTransfer, you will be admitted into your Yoga Videos. Two videos start the process, and then one per week for as long as you Subscribe. You can do these classes as many times as you wish and whenever works for your lifestyle. 

The concept I had in mind setting up this system was to create diverse practices with a layering of learning for the student. After time, you will have a collection of Asana classes, Pranayama classes, and Workshop style classes, all with a  different focus or energy. Some of the Videos are presented with voiced over instructions as a quieter practice, and some are taught to the camera for an inclusive feeling. 

Annual  Subscription: $600.00

Monthly Subscription $55.00



 Phone: 250-538-0177


In person Classes, at: Salt Spring Centre of Yoga

Saturday Classes:

September 11th 10:00 to 11:30 

Last class of the Year: December 18th

Wednesday Classes:

September 8th 2:00 to 3:30 

Last class of the Year: December 15th 


Single 6 week Pass: $108.00 (Planning to attend 1 Class per week)

Double 6 week Pass: $204.00 (Planning to attend 2 Classes per week)

These classes are by preregistration “Drop in” 

Classes will continue at the Salt Spring Centre until the end of the year 2021

Away dates, where there will not be classes:

Saturday October 9th

Saturday November 13th 


Make arrangements for Private classes:

Private classes are a great way to find deeper learning to help with your practice in class and for you home practice

$90.00 1 hour for one person

$120.00 1 hour for two people

In advance of the first class, I will send out a short list of questions to determine your needs and wants. I recommend a minimum of 3 classes as this gives us time to customize the classes. Your personal Yoga challenges will present as we work together and we will reinforce repetition of healthy habits to develop. 


 Prices include GST   (prices subject to change)




For more information on our philosophy of yoga education, please see Savage Lamb philosophy.